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I first came to Marana in 1976 on a cross county RV adventure during my senior year in college.  Having grown up in a coastal environment (Cape Cod, MA), I was enamored with the beauty of the Sonoran Desert, especially the saguaro cactus and sunsets (see 1976 photo).  I knew one day I would return.  

I did return periodically over the years and more frequently when my son attended the University of Arizona.  After retirement, we moved to Marana full-time in July 2019---fulfilling that dream of 43 years earlier.

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Time For Change

Like many who have retired to Marana, we were hoping to avoid the congestion of the larger Southwest communities and live in a setting with great open space and outdoor recreation.  Efforts by Marana officials to rezone & reconfigure the Tortolita Preserve along the continued approval of multiple thousands of residential lots has tempered those hopes.

We were successful in protecting the Tortolita Preserve with a lot of support from the Tortolita Alliance but it is clear that more needs to be done.


 This is why I have decided to run for Marana Town Council.  Now is the time to save Marana and protect our natural resources and ensure an adequate water supply for future generations.

Marana has been governed by the same people for decades.  They are stale and its time for new faces and fresh ideas. 

I will be collaborating with two other like-minded candidates-Patrick Cavanaugh and Tim Kosse.  Hopefully, with your vote we will be joining Jackie Craig on the dais in November.

This will not be easy and we will need a lot of help—contributions, volunteers and votes.  Together we can win!